Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My oohs ahs and ughs of the 2012-2013 season program music choices

Sorry for not updating for ages to any who care, damn exams. Anyway:

Ooh=How interesting, I cant wait to see.
Ah=Sweet mother of god save us before this vomit inducing program lays its tentacles on my brain thus forever scarring me
Ugh=No opinion, other then; Really? You're going to be as boring as Sam the Conservative office worker whose most interesting quality is his passion for all-bran cereal.

I will be updating this regularly as more information comes in.


1. Li Zijun-Dark Eyes short program. She'll have to lose the "What's sex?" vibe about her to pull it off, but I can see this working very well indeed 

2. Johnny Weir-Lady Gaga short program. It was only a matter of time, but the idea she wrote it for him is intriguing. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

3. Song Nan-I've made it clear that I enjoy his skating, but with Jeffrey Buttle as a choreographer he should be better next season.

4. Li Zijun-Sleeping Beauty long program. I really like Zijun, and I think this music is perfect for her as long as she doesn't receive a Lori Nichol hand-me-down it should be good, they can happen without the music being the same.

5. Ashley Cain- Ave Maria long program. I wasn't sure whether this was "ooh" or "ugh" as it's an incredibly over used piece and people generally have the "inspired" face on them for the whole thing, which bugs me. But after seeing Ashley skate to "Who wants to live forever" I think she could pull it off nicely with a lot of hard work.

6. Christina Gao- Libertango long program. Even though I don't usually like keeping a program for two seasons Christina needs to make amends for this last year. There was never any fire, passion or really any dynamic moments in this. She highlighted sections of the music well enough and she seems to like the music. I think if she has another year to work on it, it could be the vehicle that gets her to finally break through.

7. Ashley Wagner-Samson et Delilah long program. It sounds like if she delivers it with the passion and sheer fire she showed at U.S Nationals she could really convey the story very well.  The bits I saw were a bit too much with the arms, but I saw some potential and if she keeps working at it, this could be even better then "Black Swan".


1. Jeremy Abbott-Eminem/Billy Idol medley short program. If he's serious I'm going to need a bucket and possibly a new brain

2. Agnes Zawadzki- Sex and the City 2 short program. Oh my god no, just no. I'm sick of Agnes and her obviously themed short programs the last two having basically the same theme. This time their using the music with the whole arabian nights thing, wonder what kind of choreography they'll be doing (In case you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic)

3. Just in general WAY too many people skating to "Sing, sing, sing" I'll be thinking of Rachael Flatt's tacky-ass program all the time now *shudders*

4. Courtney Hicks- Concierto de Aranjuez long program. Oh lord satan and all of your army of the damned cower in fear. The true master of evil has been revealed, it is Courtney Hicks's choreographer be it Phillip Mills or some other dark master of the awkward and puke-inducing arts. This program looks almost identical to her program last year except with a change of music. If it didn't relate to the music last year what chance does it have of that now? The horror doesn't stop there, now she opens up with some rather odd two foot skating that looks like the little boy who just knows if he practices his drills enough he can make it onto the hockey team. I mean she squats and pushes, who could think that this is good??!!!! She literally skates right through the music with no regard for minor trivialities such as aesthetic appeal or actual skating. She powers through it rushing her movements which were ugly in the first place. And somehow she hasn't improved her biellmann. This is without a doubt going to be the most overscored program of the year, and the worst. All I have to say now is Courtney and her choreographer should make horror movies because they've scarred me for life(see above description of "Ah" for further information on this program's effect on me).


1. Caroline Zhang-Rushing Wings of Dawn short program. I said I thought it was decent the first time, but twice is too much for a program as average as this. I think it's one of those "Let the music be emotional enough so people THINK you're being emotional" like Rachael Flatt's East of Eden program. I hate using programs repeatedly, so yeah ugh.

2. Ksenia Makarova-Maria and the Violin's String short program. The same thing as Caroline only with a very good chance of us seeing some hybrid of a double and a triple jump many times. 

3. Ross Miner-Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini short program. Why dear god why? I have heard this piece way too many times, and very few do it well. It doesn't help that this is the one that was used by Rachael when Mirai wuzrobbed at the 2010 nationals.

4. Mao Asada-Working with Lori Nichol for the short and Tatiana Tarasova for the long. Jesus Christ how many times is this going to happen? I'm sick of both for Mao, I want to see her try someone new, try something new, she's going stale and that's not good.

5. Brian Joubert-The Inception soundtrack long program. Holy crap! Brian skating to a surrealist movie soundtrack????!!!!!! The times we live in.........again ugh. 

6. Adam Rippon-The Incredibles soundtrack long program. I'm expecting a very clich├ęd interpretation of this, possibly another Rachael Flattish program.


7. Caydee Denney & John Coughlin-Phantom of the Opera long program. Because you can't get enough of the classics right? I actually guessed it before looking, I mean how long before they pick something(or become) interesting. They're worse then watching paint dry, that should be their short program music, paint drying performed by George the builder.

8. Julia Lipnitskaia-Pas de Deux from "The Nutcracker". Sweet jesus someone stop this girl now, it seems no one can understand that this girl is NOT Sasha Cohen just because she's pretty and flexible. I mean seriously they have quite different styles really.

9. Mirai Nagasu-Saint-Saens' Organ Concerto No. 3 long program. After seeing it it's a little bit lacking in the old choreography department, some of the elements are beautifully placed, but there isn't much going on in between elements unfortunately.

Ok I'll update this as more is revealed, and again sorry about the break in posts. Don't forget to comment if you want to ask something or give an opinion.

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