Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Carolina Kostner withdraws from Grand-Prix

Carolina Kostner, finally having her moment
It was brought to my attention by someone on goldenskate that Carolina Kostner has withdrawn from the Grand-Prix, sorry for being out of date....
To me this seems like what Miki did last year, which honestly seems like a good idea if you have time. The problem being next year is the olympic year and it will be VERY  tough for her to come back when the women usually have all guns blazing and big numbers are flying around at every event. This does not bode well for Carolina's chances at Sochi considering her results at Olympics are traumatising even with a build-up to it. Then again maybe this will be her "Now or never" moment and she'll finally win an Olympic medal.

What do you think?

Also I will be re-doing my ladies grand-prix predictions as Carolina was a prominent skater in that article.

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